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Spotlights gives you a lot of lighting options where ever you need it, from a painting or a collection of your favorite knick-knacks to a countertop or other activity area. Many of our spotlights can be used with energy-efficient LED lights or come with LEDs built in, to save on your electricity bills and be kinder to the planet.

Now a day’s Spotlights are one of the most versatile lighting options in the world. Some spot light fittings have multiple heads that can be adjusted to suit the room and your individual taste. This means with careful adjustment they can be used to bring out the best and hide the worst. They are also a great choice if you want to highlight specific features such as art work, furnishings or fireplaces. It’s a good idea to angle them away from mirrors to avoid reflecting the light around the room, unless you know how to do this well.

The key to getting the best out of spots is to know how to position them:

1. What is the room’s function?

Clearly, if it is a kitchen you will want to position the lights in relation to the work surfaces and eating area.

2. How is the room used?

Ask yourself where do you generally sit or stand when relaxing or talking to others? Will you need a light above the chair you sit in to read?

3. What are the room’s strong points?

You can also use spots to focus attention on the positive or interesting areas of a room. With that in mind, conversely you can also understate any undesirable corners. Spots are a fantastic and fun way to light a room exactly the way you want it. They are a strong, powerful and focused source of lighting so make sure you get the positioning just right. They are the perfect way for you to show off your style and illustrate your interior design skills. Spots are a very functionally versatile option, great for lighting difficult areas of the house such as the hallway, staircase or landing. For the safety measures you can use them to distribute light evenly down the stairs. If you look down the left-hand side of this page you can see many different ways of filtering our spotlight range be it by room, finish, style and much more.

Colour: White, Warm White


1 ML/RCO01 Mayur Lights 1W Round COB
2 ML/RCO03 Mayur Lights 3W Round COB
3 ML/RCO06 Mayur Lights 6W Round COB
4 ML/RCO09 Mayur Lights 9W Round COB
5 ML/RCO16 Mayur Lights 16W Round COB
6 ML/RCO24 Mayur Lights 24W Round COB
7 ML/RCO30 Mayur Lights 30W Round COB

Colour: White, Warm White


1 ML/SCO01 Mayur Lights 1W Square COB
2 ML/SCO03 Mayur Lights 3W Square COB
3 ML/SCO06 Mayur Lights 6W Square COB
4 ML/SCO09 Mayur Lights 9W Square COB
5 ML/SCO16 Mayur Lights 16W Square COB
6 ML/SCO24 Mayur Lights 24W Square COB
7 ML/SCO30 Mayur Lights 30W Square COB