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LED lighting - Choosing the right colour temperature for you Many people are put off changing to LED lighting as they believe the light produced by LEDs is too cold. This may have been the case once, but today with the latest generation of LED chips available, LED Supplies offer a very wide range of white LED lighting across the white colour spectrum. offering a white light form very warm 2200K (K = Kelvin) which closely imitates the light from the flame of a candle for example, through to 2700K and 3000K which is very similar to traditional warm lighting, through to the 4000K rated 'daylight' neutral white ranges and on right up to the 5000K and 6000K Cooler end of the white light spectrum. We even produce some of our LED strip lights with an ultra cool rating of 8000 to 10,000K.

Commonly used in a number of applications, LED panel lighting, also known as LED tube lighting, is now widely available in a number of shapes and sizes. we have a comprehensive range of reliable LED panel lights built in a high quality. Aside from a longer lifespan, low power consumption and more control over your lighting options, LED panels have a good heat dissipation function. This makes them particularly ideal for adhering to health and safety regulations, as does the shock resistant material, going part the way to explaining the popularity of their use in bars, hotels and restaurants.

Colour: White, Warm White


1 ML/RD04 Mayur Lights 4W Round
2 ML/RD08 Mayur Lights 8W Round
3 ML/RD15 Mayur Lights 15W Round
4 ML/RD22 Mayur Lights 22W Round
5 ML/RD30 Mayur Lights 30W Round
6 ML/RD48 Mayur Lights 48W Round

Colour: White, Warm White


1 ML/SP04 Mayur Lights 4W Square
2 ML/SP08 Mayur Lights 8W Square
3 ML/SP15 Mayur Lights 15W Square
4 ML/SPRD22 Mayur Lights 22W Square
5 ML/SP30 Mayur Lights 30W Square
6 ML/SP48 Mayur Lights 48W Square